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Raised Foundation Repair

Most homes built before the 1950’s have a raised foundation that you can crawl under. They have a continuous concrete perimeter stemwall foundation and individual posts and piers that support girder beams. We can replace the old concrete with new 2500 psi, steel reinforced concrete that meet today’s standards. If the existing concrete stemwall is not too damaged, we can often repair minor cracking with high-strength epoxy, mortar, and/or steel straps.

Concrete Slab-Repair

If you have a cracked floor slab, depending on the severity of the crack, one type of repair is to inject high-strength epoxy into the cracks to seal them and provide a smooth surface so that your floor coverings can be installed on top without problems. Larger cracks can sometimes be reinforced with steel bars installed across the crack like “stitches”. The slab can also be removed and replaced completely with new 2500psi steel reinforced concrete, usually in conjunction with underpinning with small diameter pipe piles.

Steel Beam V-Brace

These homes have steel “V” braces for seismic restraint along the perimeter that can rust over time. The rust can travel up into the steel beams if left in place. We completely remove the rusted pieces and replace them with new, thicker stainless steel brackets that we have custom-made to match the originals’ configuration, but stronger. Permitting and engineering is included in our bids.

About Us

Over 25 Years Experience in the Foundation Repair Industry.

San Diego Footing Repair, Inc. is a California Corporation that specializes in foundation and footing repair.

Tom Green, President and Contractor, Jason Schrum, Vice President and Project Supervisor, and Michele Strand, Secretary/Treasurer and Office Manager created San Diego’s newest foundation repair company after more than 22 years working together in the foundation repair industry for Ms. Jan Fisher of Atlas Footing Repair, Inc., up until her retirement.

We are honored to continue providing excellent service to the home owners of San Diego County. San Diego Footing Repair carries the required amount of Worker’s Compensation and General Liability insurance and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.


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President and Contractor
31 years experience
Tom joined the Atlas Footing Repair team in 1990. He eventually made his way into project management and job estimating. Tom’s overview of the entire scope of the project coupled with his field experience and attention to detail leads to the success of each project.

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Jason Schrum

Vice President and Project Supervisor
29 years experience
I have been working in the foundation repair and concrete industry for over 29 years. I worked as a foreman for the 20 years. I will continue to hold the position of Project Supervisor and oversee the foremen and crews from start to finish. Full bio
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Michele Strand

Secretary/Treasurer and Office Manager
28 years experience
Michele has over 28 years experience in the foundation repair industry. In addition to bookkeeping, Michele works closely with local engineers, handles necessary permits, and provides a knowledgeable and friendly voice to those who have foundation concerns. Full bio

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